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MSU's 'Better Batteries' Offer New Business Opportunities

The key to all advanced energy systems is the ability to store energy generated at various times, from various fuel sources, for immediate use when it is needed.

That’s one of the challenges we’re
working on at MSU. We want to work with you to make these new energy storage technologies a marketplace reality.


Your research and development team can work with MSU faculty researchers to develop new ideas or to refine or test your innovations. Your company may recognize the commercial value of one of our faculty innovations. Either way, we can work with you to design mutually beneficial arrangements for bringing new products to market.

  • Michigan State University research strengths - Research.MSU.edu.
  • MSU Business-CONNECT can facilitate your access to researchers, research, and other resources at Michigan State.
  • The In Vivo Facility enables important life sciences and biotechnology research by providing high quality, standard and specialized in-vivo pharmacology assays, investigative and drug development services, medical device testing, and education.
  • The Michigan Corporate Relations Network (MCRN) is a statewide university network designed to create partnerships that will connect Michigan's corporations to critical university assets to help promote innovative research and grow Michigan's economy. MCRN is currently accepting applications to its Small Company Innovation Program, which provides funding for companies to complete research at a university. Business-CONNECT can help you find the right researchers and facilities at MSU to apply for funds to move your company's project forward.

MSU researchers who are new to working with industry through Business-CONNECT should review the Quick Guide for MSU Researchers.

Tell us what we can do to help your business: bconnect@msu.edu

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